nearsighted and psychopathic anyways


occasional blipster
self loathing suburban princess
faux intellectual fembot good with a bradgun if shit gets real

Hey, Media? Maybe instead of sending cameras to Robin Williams’ house to be ghoulish, you could send cameras to Ferguson to be journalists. Will Wheaton. (via mysharona1987)


"every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" 

I LOVE THIS SONG. I would add more girls but it’s pretty late ;~; .



Mirror- silver and silver gilt, inlaid tortoiseshell, boule and ebony veneered dressing table mirror


Second quarter of the 18th century 

£50-100, 000

Sotheby’s Princely Taste 


Do not try to fall in love with someone as fucked up and worthless as me.

I will let you down.

This is bullshit, youre a wonderful person, tiny, but wonderful

  • every single time i write sins not tragedies starts playing: haha, ohhhh this song. man oh i shouldnt sing it this time i havent heard it in so long. naahh not gonna do it. i dont even remember how it- OH, WELL IMAGINE, AS IM PACING THE PEWS IN A CHURCH CORRIDOR